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About Hills Physical Developments

Our team of highly skilled practioners offer physiotherapy, neurological rehabilitation, sports therapy, strength & conditioning, medical checks and more. Our team of highly skilled practitioners offer a variety of services including Physiotherapy (specialising in neurological conditions), personal training, sports massage & rehabilitation. All work is overseen by senior practitioners Scott Hills (Head of Exercise) and Haley Mersh (Head of Therapy). We use the latest scientifically researched methods, with a full assessment process to improve people's lives. We have years of success stories behind us, and hundreds of happy clients (view or testimonials). We have worked hard in our careers to educate ourselves in a whole variety of areas associated with the rehabilitation and performance world. We have a hugely varied client base with needs varying from learning to walk again, to professional athletes. This variety keeps our days exciting and we love it.

Rating: 4 / 5 - 810

Street address: Ver House, 55 London Rd Unit D, Markyate

Phone: 01582 842988



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Hills Physical Developments

Hills Physical Developments

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